coFEA Initiative

What is CoFEA?

CoFEA is an initiative that aims to popularise application of open-source simulation software in solving real engineering problems. Even though CoFEA itself sounds like the magic drink which drives engineering minds, it is a combination of the words cooperation and Finite Element Analysis. The aim of the project is to create an environment where engineers could exchange theirs experience and knowledge of open-source simulation codes so that others could use them with joy and confidence. The following steps will be undertaken to achieve this goal:

  • numbers of benchmark and real-life problems will be analysed to increase confidence in using open-source software,

  • information on how to set up the simulation environment correctly will be gathered in one place, so anyone could set it up,

  • a simulation workflow enhanced by scripts & tools will be established to make usage of open-source tools easier,

  • message about the open-source software will be spread all over the internet to help the community grows.

How to contribute?

There are plenty of ways on how you could contribute:

  • if you know how to use simulation software then you can help to make models

  • if you are good at writing then you can help writing the docs

  • finally, if you don’t think you have anything from the above, but you are eager to learn just let us know!


If you have some old FEA models which are validated experimentally and you could share them - do let us know! We will give them another life by checking them once again in the open-source software.

See also

For more details on how to contribute, please look into Contributor Guide.


If you would like to have a chat then you can send an email to cofea.project(at)

You can also find us on the social media like LinkedIn and Twitter.


Any technical content created for the purpose of the CoFEA Initiative is licencsed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. In simple terms, one can share and adapt the content under two conditions:

  • if content is shared in any form one must give appropriate credit to CoFEA Initiative,

  • one must not redistribute the content commercially.